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Haddock for mix of fish dishes 1 kg

Price pr. kg.  1.350- kr without tax
Price:  Sold per kg
SKU:   55690

Small Haddock bits that have not won any beauty contest but are  first class product ideal for mix of fish dishes or fish balls.
Storage 12 months.

Nutrition in 100 g:
Energy:                        344kJ / 82 kkal
Fat:                                0,6 g
Saturated fat :              0,1 g
Carbohydrate:                0 g
of which sugar:            0,7 g
Fiber:                               0 g
Protein:                          19 g
Salt:                              0,19 g

Allergy: Fish

Haddock bits

Stored in a closed packaging in dry place in a freezer for 18 months.